Truffle Honey and Olive oil…

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                  From Dario’s shop, we continue up the hill and make our way to Lamole.  The road becomes rough—dirt and gravel… but, the countryside is filled with olive trees and vineyards, many of which are hundreds of years old.  After a mile or so, the road narrows and pavement returns.  Unbelievable winding curves and hair pin turns bring you to the tiny village of Lamole.  The reasons we travel here… to experience the most incredible views in Chianti and eat at the Ristoro di Lamole.  The view from the terrace of the Ristoro is breathtaking!  Chianti hills, San Gimignano, Vignamaggio (Mona Lisa was born there), wonderful Cyprus trees, vines laden with grapes, olive trees, and forests… all panoramically presented for you to love…and, we do!  Ristoro di Lamole owners, Filippo and Paolo, are masters at choosing true Artisanal products for their Ristoro and Enoteca.  They instinctively select superb Tuscan wines to go with their authentic Tuscan food specialties.  We fell in love with the food, the wine, the view, and the truffle honey.  During one visit, Filippo introduced us to the most exquisite truffle honey we have ever tasted.  He served it with their juniper-smoked Guanciale (cured pig cheeks), aged Pecorino and simple bruschetta.  We simply couldn’t get enough!  We secured the name of the producer and were able to get it for you. 

                               CALUGI MIELE AL TARTUFO

                  The Calugi family produces this velvety Truffle Honey.  In their words, “Grandfather Antonio hunted for truffles in the second half of the nineteenth century.  He handed down his passion to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  This passion for gathering the truffles and creating genuine products with real flavors to discover at the table everyday is continued to this day.”  Calugi Truffle Honey is rich, deep, warm, silky, and earthy…very sexy… unlike any we’d tasted. Try the truffle honey with Peccorino Romano cheese and salumi… yum… heaven!  We love it! 

                     We are pleased to also present two other Calugi treasures for your table:

TARTUFO BIANCO CONDIMENTO – extra virgin olive oil with white truffle essence… and…

TAGLIOLINI E TARTUFO – thin egg pasta with Truffles…incredible!

          We like to use the White Truffle Oil as a finishing oil—so deeply rich and silky to the tongue—drizzled over hot pastas, on roasted potatoes, or brushed on warm Foccacia… inspirational! 

         We adore the Tagliolini with Truffle tossed with brown butter and a dusting of Parmiggiano Reggiano… a treat unlike anything you’ve ever tasted! Try it with a mushroom cream sauce and a drizzle of the White Truffle oil…Bellissimo!

We leave Lamole and drive down the winding road to Greve in Chianti – a wonderful little town with a small central Piazza, Piazzo Del Mercato.  We always go to Saturday market in the Piazza. Fresh cheeses and produce share space with plants, leather goods and fresh salumis. Such fun!

              On one side of the Piazza is a wonderful shop filled with porcelains, pastas, oils, vinegars, honeys, wines and gifts. We like to  buy olive oils and vinegars there and we always find new treasures to try. We tried an extra virgin olive oil there a few years ago and fell in love with it. We bring it to you!

                    LA CASTELLINA OLIO EXTRAVIRGINE DI OLIO is a perfect Tuscan oil – fruity but delicate, slightly spicy and peppery.  It is sure to become a favorite of yours…use it and love it! This oil is produced in Castellina in Chianti, a medieval town near where we stay at Poggio. The olives are grown on 10 hectares of the farm La Castellina. The Bojola-Targioni family lovingly produce the oil and very fine Chianti wines. The olives are harvested manually, stored in boxes and brought to the mill within 24 hours from the harvest. The oil is unfiltered and is superb.

Bringing home the love…

Raleigh and Buck


The Website is coming!!!!!!!!!!

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We are  so excited…our website is wonderful…it’s almost ready to be launched!!! Stay tuned…….

Raleigh and Buck

Dario and A Recipe for Perfection…

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P1010273_0266_266Many have written about Dario Cecchini…Bill Buford in “Heat”, Chef Jamie Oliver in “Jamie’s Italy” and Faith Heller Willinger in “Adventures of An Italian Food Lover” …to mention a few. All Praise him…as The Butcher Of  Tuscany and all write about the passion he has for perfection. The perfect meat, the perfect seasonings and perfect preparation = PERFETTO!!!

We echo this! We have eaten his famous Bistecca, the Costata steak and the Panzanese steak at his restaurant, Officina Della Bistecca – simply indescribable!  Cooked over an open fire. Served almost raw..only perfect beef can be served this way…simply, the best meat we have ever tasted…ever!

Dario has very graciously shared one of his recipes and it’s history with us…we lovingly share it with you…

OUR NOTE:  We recommend you ask the butcher for a large top round roast…tied, if necessary, to cook evenly…we allow 8 up to 10 minutes per pound in the  HOT oven, it should be rare – Dario doesn’t specify times.

In Dario’s words…


You need a good cut of roasting beef for this dish.  I recommend top round roast.

Preheat oven to highest temperature.  When the oven is very hot, place meat in a roasting pan with a high edge and put in the oven.  Leave to cook for about twenty minutes without opening the oven.  Obviously, depending on the weight of the meat, cooking time may vary slightly.

In the meantime, chop a big handful of fresh sage, a little fresh rosemary, and some “Profumo di Chianti”.  Once the ingredients are finely chopped, mix them with a good dose of olive oil (consider two cups of olive oil per kilogram of beef.)

Remove roast from the oven, and pour over it the sauce you’ve just prepared.

Cover the dish (a sheet of aluminum foil will do fine), and let stand for half an hour allowing the flavours to develop.

The dish does not go back into the oven, so the seasoning remains practically raw.

 This is an absolutely perfect way to enjoy red meat, all the healthier because the olive oil is not cooked in the process. What’s more, the beef will keep for a few days.  A lovely solution in place of the nearly passé carpaccio.

And above all it is a piece of Florentine history.

 Who knows what would have happened to the passion, art and the poetry of the Renaissance if there had been no red meat or Chianti?

Hard to say really, but luckily for us that’s not how it went!



Love, from Italia,

Raleigh and Buck

The Butcher of Tuscany, Dario Cecchini

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304We were and still are310 in awe of  The Butcher of  Tuscany – Dario Cecchini – !  Bigger than life, bold and passionate!  His shop, Antica Macelleria Cecchini, in Panzano is a “happening”…he stands behind the salumi and meat filled counter singing or reciting Dante’s Inferno as he chops and prepares food for his three restaurants – Solociccia, Mac Dario or Officina Della Bistecca – and everyone who is lucky enough to get in the door! What a fun place! Dario and his charming, beautiful Wife to be, Kim host a party for tourists, friends and family who wander in and out sampling food and wine all day! INCREDIBLE!!

We are proud to be able to offer… for you to love… these wonderful products made by Dario and his staff:

  • Profumo Del Chianti (picture at left ) – Sicilian sea salt and herbs – among them…bay, rosemary, lavender, fennel pollen – combined to perfection. Use on everything…any meat, vegetables, marinades and combined with olive oil for a dipping sauce;
  • Mostarda Mediterranea (right ) –red and hot chili peppers, sugar and vinegar. Reminiscent of  Southern Hot Pepper Jelly but, so much better.  Use with ALL meats and cheeses…fabulous on Parmagiano Reggiano;
  • AND, we will be able to present… later in the Fall……his Olive Oil – extra virgin, small batch…so rich, earthy and fabulously Tuscan…

    and his Fiore di Finocchio Seasoning – made with fennel pollen – wonderfully fragrant and perfect with all pork and fish dishes.  STAY TUNED FOR THESE OFFERINGS!!

     We do hope you’ll want to know more…email us @ and ask about these products!

    Up next…olive oil and truffles….YUM.

    Love, from Italia

    Raleigh and Buck Hussung

    For You, With Love, From Italy…

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    In love with Italy,Venice we return again and again to savor the simply glorious Cucina Italia…the food that not only feeds our bodies but, also our souls. Sensual food , pure and brilliantly complex in it’s simplicity…perfectly presented and gloriously enjoyed. We eat…We eat… And then, we search!

    We search for the unique, artisanal, small batch, organic and handmade… foods and seasonings… to bring home and enjoy. We meet the Italians who lovingly create these treasures. We understand their creative passion.

    We simply couldn’t live without  Dario Cecchini’s Profumo Del Chianti seasoning, Mostarda Mediterranea sauce, Fiori Di Finocchio seasoning and Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!  The profumo and mostarda will be our first offerings.

    The quality of everything we offer for sale is guaranteed by us and we absolutely do use every product that we offer!  We will be including recipes suggesting ways for you to use the products to create your own …Tavola Italia…Italian Table! 

    Check out the post on Dario Cecchini in the next few days…we will be describing his wonderful products with some of his own recipes!

    If you any questions or would like to order, email us at for sizes, prices, etc. We know you will love everything as much as we do!

    Love, from Italia,

    Raleigh and Buck

    Who we are

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    We are Raleigh and Buck Hussung…we started our company, Love From Italia, to share our favorite Italian products with everyone. I’m a chef, own a catering company and write cookbooks …Buck owns a consulting company.

    Our passion for all things Italian started in 1996 when we visited Italy the first time. And, it was love at first bite! Oh, the food…and, the people…WOW!!! We ate our way through Venice, Florence and Rome. Our taste buds reveled in the wonderful food created with much the same love that was such an important part of our own kitchen at home!  Unlike most who visit Italy, we didn’t bring home their wonderful wines…we brought home the seasonings, olive oils, honeys and pastas to share with  family and friends!

    Come read our posts about our products and the people who produce them…

    Love, From Italia,

    Raleigh and Buck

    just for you….

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